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Our first year has been one of excellent client services, growing revenues, and plans for an exciting 2018.
Since our inception in the summer of 2016, we have:

  • conducted two major surveys, written well-publicized reports, and made a keynote presentation for a major trade association in Washington, DC

  • managed survey research and strategic services for a mayoral candidate in a leading US city

  • developed a strategic plan in donors and membership for one of the largest political organizations formed after the 2016 national elections

  • researched and advised in jury selection strategies and optimum arguments in a nationally-prominent murder trial ,which helped lead our client to victory

  • analyzed polling data and advised in strategies and advertising for a presidential candidate in Africa

  • advised a state political party in an election strategy for 2018

  • completed a high profile project for the State of Ohio by advising in the building of trade and investment partnerships between key Ohio business and foreign embassies all over the world

… and more.

We continue our nearly decade work on Tribal Analytics and have had several successful case studies.

Our plans for 2018 call for an entirely new approach to identifying Neo-tribes and a go-to-market strategy.

Whether you are a business big or small, a not-for-profit nationwide or locally, a federal, state or small local government — you need help preparing for the future.

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Trump Report Card: Tripped by Roy Moore, Consumer Board Move

From the Washington Examiner, by John Zogby

Judge Roy Moore may be innocent until proven guilty but at least eight women, along with multiple local police and mall security guards, regard him as creepy beyond any reasonable doubt. Even if Alabamians elect him on December 12 it is not certain that he will be seated in the U.S. Senate because of the strong antipathy of Republican leaders and members.

In a week where the dominant news is again about the breakdown of patriarchy in a number of institutions, where the once mighty have been disgraced by degrading, immoral, and illegal behavior toward women, especially those over whom they held power, President Trump has chosen to defend Judge Moore for only one reason — he needs his vote to try to pass his promised tax cuts.

To this president there is a moral equivalency between tax cuts that will explode the national debt, will probably not lead to any significant investment, and will benefit the extremely wealthy — versus the long overdue coming to terms with systematic violation of women in the workplace and society. This is an issue that is epochal in its significance and the president not only willfully missed it, he stands counter to the progression of history — and to heroic women who have spoken up. This transcends yet another red line in North Korea or a conversation with President Vladimir Putin.

When I was a teacher for many years, my rule was that you had to show up for the final to earn an F. Otherwise you got a zero. The president did not show up and is not even worthy of a failure this week.

Grade: Zero

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