This week’s JZS Newsletter features:


i) America In The Age Of Disruption

By Bruce Mehlman


ii) The Things That Unite Us Should Be Stronger Than Those Which Divide Us

From Earbud_U Podcast Show, With John Zogby


iii) To Quote Patton, Success is the Bounce After Hitting Bottom

From the Washington Examiner, By John Zogby




America In The Age Of Disruption

By Bruce Mehlman


When it comes to spotting trends we at John Zogby Strategies need to rely on the smartest people around. My buddy Bruce Mehlman of the firm Mehlman, Castagnetti, Rosen & Thomas is truly among the best. We are sharing with you their infographics on America in the Age of Disruption which spells out huge demographic changes in our lifetime and why we find ourselves in the cultural and political situation we’re currently facing.

Personally, I find his work indispensable.

Enjoy the following presentation,

John Zogby, Senior Partner of John Zogby Strategies

Link to Presentation “America in the Age of Disruption”


From Earbud_U Podcast Show,

With John Zogby

It’s popular, trite, and somewhat cliche to say, when talking about the current social and political sate of America, that “the things that unite us should be stronger than the things that divide us.”

But this is an American conception of unity and solidarity that only began historically after the ugly mess of the Civil War in the 1860’s.

Today in America, we are divided by political lines, social lines, and even class lines, in as almost a pernicious way as we were in the decade leading up to the Civil War.

This is a peace building podcast, and so our guest today is John Zogby, probably the most famous pollster that you’ve answered the phone for, but have never heard of.

His analysis on this podcast is delivered without fluff and with hope.

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Coming Soon: Who’s Your Tribe? The only app you’ll need to discover your Neo-Tribe.


From The Washington Examiner

By John Zogby

This was the week that has turned the Trump presidency into a travesty. Its failure to uphold its promise to repeal Obamacare was an embarrassment to President Trump, the GOP, and the few supporters remaining. He is publicly humiliating his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. His secretary of State is taking time away mysteriously. His new communications director arrived from Hades and two senior heads were axed and left to roll.

This is the gang that can’t shoot straight except when they are firing at each other.

Trump’s Grade: F

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