On today’s episode we’re going to focus our conversation on how politicians create, are involved in, and handle a crisis. In particular we’ll discuss the recent troubles of Ted Cruz and Andrew Cuomo. How does the current climate affect their ability to weather these stories and how will it impact them in the future?

We’ll also debate whether or not Americans will binge socially after the pandemic ends, whenever that may be. Will we quickly revert to our pre-pandemic way of life or have we been forever changed?


02:10 – Trouble For Cruz and Cuomo:
Let’s talk about when politicians get into trouble
Cruz blames his wife and kids for his recent vacation instead of tending to the disaster in Texas.

Cuomo is in trouble (deservedly so) on new revelations of inaccurate COVID19 numbers. – Where this scandal particularly hurts is that it shows that behind the veneer of being forthright – he was flat out lying.

21:15- A Coming Social Binge?

Unlike 9/11 after the shock of those events we went back to normal behaviors -but because the pandemic is so broad and mutating – Schools/workplaces and customs may be forever changed. Will we bounce back or will there be lasting impacts from the COVID19 pandemic?

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