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i) Trends To Watch

By John Zogby Strategies

The Return of the Silk Road– Western culture has long had a fascination with the Far East. More specifically, Central Asia – the core of the ancient Silk Roads – is poised once again to boom as it is strategically positioned between two increasingly economic competitors, China and Russia. With untapped minerals, commodities galore, and plenty of pristine nature, expect to get to know better nations like Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, etc. as they make their riches along the Silk Road 2.0.

Apprenticeships Revived– Gen Z has watched their older Millennial siblings struggle with debt and in many cases launch careers to no avail. This DIY group of teens and young twenty somethings are rebelling against WMD’s (weapons of mass debt, aka colleges and universities) by taking it to youtube, pinterest and other channels of social media to teach themselves various skills, and are flocking to more cost effective educational solutions like Khan Academy and Coursera.  We foresee increased opportunities for various forms of apprenticeships where motivated youth can get a taste of the real world by learning vital skills under the careful guidance of experts in a trade, as opposed to opting for the run-of-the-mill college campus experience.

Gen X, the Forgotten–  With so much talk about Boomers, Millennials, and most recently Gen Z; marketers seem to be forgetting about Gen X (those born 1965-1979).  Still in their working prime and having rolled through the punches throughout the decades, millions within this generation have rich career experience under the belts and are on the cusp of their next big move. Marketers should get to know this forgotten generation and tailor to their needs as there is plenty of untapped potential.


Why John Zogby Strategies


You have data; we interpret what it means

One of the nation’s premier opinion research companies has transformed itself into a major resource for interpretation of data, forecasting, and developing/implementing marketing and strategic plans for its clients.

The Zogby brand was established by:

  • Accurately forecasting elections around the globe;
  • Consulting internationally acclaimed companies and organizations like Cisco, Coca Cola, IBM, and St. Judes on how to better position for the future;
  • And creating blueprints for small communities and local agencies in their efforts to modernize

Now including the second generation, John Zogby Strategies is here to help you steer your way through dynamic and turbulent times to plot your future.  

In addition, we are happy to share with you our path breaking work describing:

Do you really understand Generations, Cohorts, and the tectonic shifts ahead?  Contact us today.

You need analysis from seasoned forecasters

When it comes to:

  • Creating a brand vision;
  • Finding the right message;
  • Expanding into a new market;
  • Targeting hard to reach groups

With decades of experience in data analysis and interpretation, forecasting, and creating blueprints on how to prepare for dynamic changes

John Zogby Strategies asks:

  • Is your current marketing or strategic plan a clear vision for success?
  • Can your leadership project 2-3 years into the future?
  • Can your organization see beyond the threats to find opportunities?
  • How do you better reach your clients, constituents, and customers?
  • How do you build the best team?

In the interests of sharpening your insights and management of a whole new world, let one of the world’s best known brands in data analysis assist you in developing yours. Contact us today


ii) Conversations With Global Citizen Leaders

From The Global Citizens Initiative Podcast, With John Zogby

In this interview Zogby talks about the state of the art of political polling and his insights into global political and social trends.

Listen to Podcast


Coming Soon: Who’s Your Tribe? The only app you’ll need to discover your Neo-Tribe.

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