Podcast: The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 5) 02.09.2020

Our main story today is the debacle that was the Iowa Caucus. Mayor Pete exceeded expectations but remains in a dead-heat with Bernie Sanders as we roll into New Hampshire. All eyes seem to be on who can compete with Sanders in terms of support, and that seems to have the Democratic establishment worried.

We discuss who has the momentum moving towards Super Tuesday and whether the numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire provide an opening for someone like Michael Bloomberg.

Election 2016: Zogby Looks At What Happened With Women

John Zogby, Renowned Political Pollster, Joins Google, Pinterest, Piper Jaffray, Tribe Dynamics, VML & World Kitchen to Bring You Up-To-Date With Today’s Women Using his newest tool, Tribal Analytics™, John Zogby will analyze women’s actions in both the 2016 US election and the UK’s Brexit vote to help marketers understand and better market to today’s…